Looking for a road trip destination filled with beautiful scenery, smalls towns, culture and more?  Consider taking a trip to the Berkshires in Massachusetts. There are several very popular road trip routes within the Berkshires to take but an overview of some of what the Berkshires has to offer will help you narrow down which path to choose. You can also plan to take several trips to the area at different points during the year. The fall offers beautiful foliage while winter many ski trip ideas as an abundance of snow falls. Spring means trees and foliage springing back to their color and of course a summer getaway in the mountains is one lots of road trippers look forward to. No matter what time of year you go, there is something for everyone in the Berkshires. Here are a few places to see and activities to do.

The Berkshires

For art lovers and artist types, you might plan your trip around visiting the museums or events
surrounding the arts. Mass Moca is a contemporary arts museum in the Berkshires. The
Norman Rockwell Museum is most famously known for his illustrations. Tanglewood is home to the summer outpost of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. In the area there are more cultural and arts related festivals throughout the year.

The Food

You could plan an entire trip to the Berkshires around food. From Farm to Table restaurants to mom and pop diners, the food scene is both new age and old time charm filled.

Go Antiquing

Antique lovers rejoice, in the Berkshires you will find a host of small boutiques featuring unique and one of a finds. You can even find classic books in a popular book store named The Bookstore. Some books are definitely considered rare finds otherwise known as antiques in their own way.

The Outdoors

Small mountains set the scene in Berkshires. There are scenic trails to hike, farmland to view
and beautiful roads to drive on the outskirts of the small towns. Don't forget many of the lake
areas for water fun at different times during the year. Towns are pretty close together so you
can stay in one while taking in a few more during your trip.