There are thousands of great packing lists for road trips (some of which I may written myself) but there are some key things that make the car trip so much easier! We all know to bring devices and chargers and carsickness kits, but here are some other ideas that may not seem as obvious at first thought!

1)      Paper map and printed directions.

I haven't followed printed maps or directions in a while, but a recent drive to a remote lake house had me regretting that. My phone had no service at all, and that is NOT what you want to happen when you're driving in a winding, rural, area.

2)      A sleep mask

If I want my kids to sleep in the car, they need the dark. And while, yes, it's dark at night, all the lights whizzing by the windows keep my kids awake. Sleep masks, a light blanket, a small pillow, and a lovey help the kids relax enough to sleep. It also helps to put something under their feet so they can rest their legs.

3)      An "easy access" bag.

We keep one change of clothes each, our toothbrushes, and a small towel in a small tote bag on TOP of our luggage. That way, we aren't digging through suitcases and rearranging the trunk if someone gets carsick or spills a drink. We keep a spare charger in there as well, in case any go missing or get left behind in a hotel room.

4)      A handheld vacuum

I can't believe it took me this long to figure out that this is a great idea for roadtrips. I pack the charger so I can charge it overnight, but during the drive it's available for crumbs and sand and all the other mess that comes from long trips with backseat passengers.

5)      Something to burn off steam

A ball? A foldable scooter? When you make a stop and the backseat passengers need to get some energy out, it's helpful to have something with you. We bring the foldable scooters. They take up almost no space, and we can have the girls do a few laps around the parking lot to get some energy out.

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